ISO 5 GMP Laminar Flow Dynamic Pass Box

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Qianqin laminar flow dynamic pass box is mainly used in the biological clean area as the transfer of articles, the main application places: Bio pharmaceuticals, scientific research units, disease control centers, large hospitals, university scientific research, biological cleanliness and various clean areas for applications.

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Basic performance requirements

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1. Cleanliness requirements in the laminar flow pass box: Class B;

2. The inner and outer double-layer shells are treated with arcs around the interior to ensure seamless connection;

3. The laminar flow design is adopted, the airflow direction adopts the upper and lower return mode, and the bottom adopts the punching design of 304 stainless steel cold-rolled plate, and sets up reinforcing ribs;

4. Filter: G4 is used for the primary filter, and H14 is used for the high-efficiency filter;

5. Wind speed: After passing through the high-efficiency filter, the outlet wind speed is controlled at 0.38-0.57m/s (tested at 150mm below the high-efficiency outlet air flow plate);

6. Differential pressure function: display the differential pressure of the filter (high-efficiency range 0-500Pa/medium-efficiency 0-250Pa), accuracy ±5Pa;

7. Control function: fan start/stop button, equipped with built-in electronic door interlock; set ultraviolet light, design a separate switch, when the two doors are closed, the ultraviolet light should be in the on state; set the lighting, design a separate switch ;

8. The high-efficiency filter can be disassembled and installed separately from the upper box, which is convenient for maintenance and filter replacement;

9. An inspection port is set at the lower part of the transfer window for the maintenance of the fan;

10. Noise: noise <65db during normal operation of the transmission window;

11. Efficient air distribution plate: 304 stainless steel mesh plate.

Product Parameters





Product No.




SS304, or powder coating steel


SS thickness



Standard internal dimension

600*600*600mm, Customized


HEPA filter

GEL type, H14,99.997% efficiency






Class 100


Air velocity



Self-purification time

Adjustable, 0-99min


Sterilization time

Adjustable, 0-99min


Power supply

220V±10%,50Hz,or 120V/60HZ

Customers can choose our standard sizes or we can design it according to customers’ requirements because we have professional design team with over ten years.

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ISO 5 GMP Laminar Flow Dynamic1

Details show

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Products plate workshop and filter workshop, our new factory has over 20000sqm, it improves Completely our productive ability and delivery time.

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Qianqin Products Warranty:

Our equipment is warranty for 1 year excluding consumable parts and accessories.

All equipment is shipped with a comprehensive use’s manual complete with a report documenting all test procedures.

Additional IO/OQ/GMP document is available upon request.

Contact our sales representative for specific warranty details or document request.  

Consumable parts illustration:

1: Pre-filter: each one should be replacement in each 6 month, but it can refresh no more three times.

2: HEPA air filter: each one should be replacement in each half and one years. 

Standard export packing:

Stretch film strapped whole cabinet,

Foam inside protected,

Plywood case solid fixed

European standard bottom tray

We already exported this item to Middle,America, Europe and North America.

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