The Third Expert Seminar on “Quota of Clean Engineering Projects”

Held successfully in Shenzhen Clean Industry Association!

The formulation of the "Norm of Clean Engineering Projects" (hereinafter referred to as the "Norm") will accurately locate the quota of clean engineering projects, and reflect the clean technical requirements, labor, materials, equipment and other engineering pricing of clean engineering projects in the most true and reasonable manner, filling this field. The blank of relevant standards and improving the practical operability of clean engineering projects in cost management will effectively promote the healthy development of Shenzhen's clean industry-related engineering construction. Through the previous efficient seminars and the efforts of the editor-in-chief team, the first draft of the "Quota" has been prepared. In order to combine the actual situation of clean engineering in the country, absorb relevant domestic and foreign standards and advanced technical experience, improve the quota table, and further promote the "Quota" compilation. The process reconvened an expert workshop. In this online meeting, the experts had a heated discussion on the quota outline catalog, framework, and the specificity of the cleaning industry.

Liang Kun, the executive secretary of our association, extended a warm welcome to the experts and entrepreneurs attending the conference! He said that in the future we may have to coexist with the epidemic, and clean engineering plays an irreplaceable role in public health epidemic prevention and national biosecurity. It is of great significance to promote the norms and development of biological cleanliness by formulating the "Norm of Clean Engineering Projects". After the efforts of the experts and the teachers of the compilation group, the first draft of the "Quota" has been prepared, and now it is time to collect the professional quotas that have been perfected. During this process, we hope that each of our experts can actively participate in timely feedback. After the revision opinions, the association secretariat will make every effort to coordinate the preparation and later work of this quota.

Post time: Apr-13-2022